The word Bargello translates from late Latin as “castle” or “tower”, the building itself was once a barracks, prison, palace, and now a museum to masterwork sculptures. I like how resourceful Italians seem to be with their buildings, and how interchangeable they allow the role functions (at least in the past). This Bargello is home to Donatello’s David, a wide array of Michelangelo’s early works, work by Giambologna, artists’ works of the Baroque period (Gian Lorenzo Bernini) and a great collection of Medieval armor and weaponry on the top floor. I found the furniture and chest cabinets interesting; care, detail, and time spent to make the furniture is much more complex than today. Being the daughter of a carpenter/folk artist, I see the value in adding a few details to a piece to make it stand out. These details are components of all the furniture of the wealthy classes of this time. I see value in observing this in history for the sake of interior design students, and students like myself who are interested in all things fine-craft and art related.    


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