The Archeological Museum of Florence is huge. I cannot believe the size, it has (if I can recall correctly) three or four stories that span out a decent distance. I was shocked to see ceramics encased behind glass with masking tape, metal clamps, and some kind of glue to hold the pieces in place for secure drying—my draw dropped I think. One pot had a top portion completely wrapped in tape. When we got to the third floor I noticed a cartoon sticker stuck on one of the glass encasements, I think it was Hercules, and I thought—“why is this here?” So, what did I do? I attempted to peel it off, until one of the museum employees stopped me, and replaced the cartoon sticker to its original position (it was clearly graffiti in my mind, I was doing them a favor! …Except that I was touching an encasement, I guess). I was pretty upset that I got caught for doing this, I never get caught. And I never thought I would see her put the sticker back is what I think I am most shocked about (I mean really, she could have put in the trash—what is its purpose?!). So, what do I know about the Archeological Museum besides its expansive size, masking tape, and cartoon stickers? I know that the amount of artifacts they have is impressive. Especially the Etruscan artifacts like the masks and the tools, which vary so differently from Roman and Greek styles (the styles feed off each other, but are clearly different). The collection of this museum began by none other than the Medici family. The Medici’s had mostly Etruscan and Roman artifacts at the beginning of their collecting, but the collections expanded over the years Egyptian and Greek artifacts were added, and artifacts are still being added even today.

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