Inside Orsanmichele was rather surprising compared to many other interior structures we have visited. I was surprised by the amount of light introduced to the main floor with the pillars. The windows are wide and welcome the sun, and I think it can be attributed to the buildings original use as a grain house and market. The architectural style attributes to late gothic—with archway ceilings and interior pillars. Orsanmichele however, is not noted for its interior but its exterior tabernacles, which are all sculptures that demonstrate the different guilds of the city and their patron saints. There are a total of 14 tabernacles, and each guild had the duty of crafting their patron saint and tabernacle for the exterior. Artists of the sculptures include Donatello, Nanni di Banco, Ghiberti, Verrocchio, Giambologna, Lamberti, and Baccio da Montelupo. The collection of sculptures are vast here, and it was interesting to see the original guild master sculptures and compare them to the copies on the outside.

I should be more enthusiastic with the grand effort and inspiration these guild masters had to compose these works, to demonstrate their skill, compete, and feel the amazing height of completing a masterpiece, but I keep wandering toward the windows (these are words from my notebook). I drew the sculpture of St. Mark by Donatello in my sketchbook here.

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